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myFilmDownload provides six separate unique tools for downloading TV shows, movies, music and other videos and audios from popular OTT platforms.

With the myNetflix, myAmazon, myHBOMax, myHBOGo, myHulu, myDisneyPlus and myAppleMusic you can also browse and play videos before downloading.

You must have an active account on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, HBO Go, Hotstar, Hulu, Disney+, Apple Music.

After the download is complete, you may watch mp4 file offline on any devices without a subscription.

Note: The application is for personal use only. DO NOT SHARE a downloaded material in any way.

How it works


Download multiple videos simultaneously

Browser-like interface

Browse, play and download in one application.

Grab either individual episodes, or entire season.

Full HD support. DD 5.1 support if any.

Lame mp3 encoding for music tracks.

Multilingual audio tracks & subtitles.

Multilingual user interface. Application knowns following languages: English, español, français, italiano, 中文, ไทย, русский. Do you want to see your language here? Send us request to and help us to test. We will add new language in a day or so.

Setting up FFmpeg metadata with title and synopsis tags.

No limitation on maximum allowed videos.

Play video in program. Note for Netflix only. When you start download you need to navigate to Home page or History page due to Netflix restricts viewing from more than one browser.

Automatically resume on network error or application restart.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, HBO Go, Hotstar, HULU, Disney+, Apple Music streaming services for now. We are working on adding other services.


Free version limited by SD quality. To download HD quality you need to buy a subscription or lifetime license.

One year subscription $13.99 for one product.

One year subscription $29 for a bundle including all products and all new products that will appear in myFilmDownload project.

See how to get free one year subscription.

Lifetime bundle for five services is $129.

How to use

Get and install setup for Windows on your PC. Or get and unzip Portable version. You may need to additionally install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.

Run application myNetflix, myAmazone, myHulu, myDisneyPlus, or myHBOMax.

Login or sign up on stream service. It only needs the first time you launch application.

Navigate the video you want to download or paste video's URL.

Click on Download button.

You may choose video quality up to FullHD, audio format, audio language, subtitles.

Wait a bit. It takes time and CPU to decrypt and encode for x264.

Enjoy playing mp4 file on any devices.

More detiled guidance can be found in our blog post.

Coming soon:

Our professional team is now working in the lab on HBO Go Spain, Discovery+, ...

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x264 encoding

When encoding mp4 video file the following parameters of x264 encoder used by application:

- Constant Rate Factor (CRF). CRF value by default is 23. You can change it in the Settings window.

- Tune. "film" – for high quality movie content.

- Profile. Video is encoded with High profile.

- Preset. "ultrafast". You may change it in application Settings. Following presets are available: superfast, veryfast, faster, fast, medium, slow, slower, veryslow.

A slower preset will provide better compression, this gives you less file size and less bitrate, but you will pay for this with encoding time.

For example according to corbpie ultrafast preset produces 10GB file and takes 35 seconds for compression. While superslow presets gives 4GB file at 3 minutes 47 sec encoding time.

Preset doesn't affect on quality, just encoding speed and filesize.

Here is more detailed guide about H.264 Video Encoding.


Application works on Windows PC with .NET framework 4.6.2+ installed.

If software does't work then you need to install the latest version of .NET Framework from Microsoft.

If you meet any problems or difficulties while using program, do not hesitate to contact us via


My Film Download project consists of the following set of tools:

myNetflix myNetflix. Download movies and TV shows from Netflix in HD quality with all audio tracks and subtitles kept.

myAmazon myAmazon. With it, you can download any videos from Amazon Prime Video in Full HD quality (up to 1080P) with all audio tracks and subtitles kept.

myHboMax myHBOMax. Download video of up to 4K and FullHD quality from HBO Max video streaming service. But not all videos are available in FullHD+.

myHboGo myHBOGo. Download video in FullHD quality from HBO Go video streaming service.

myHotstar myHotstar. Download video in FullHD quality from Hotstar video streaming service.

myHulu myHulu. Download video in HD quality from Hulu video service.

myDisney myDisneyplus. Download video in FullHD quality from Disney+ video streaming service.

myAppleMusic myAppleMusic. Download audio mp3 from Apple Music music streaming service.

We do not distribute copyrighted material.

We are a fast growing professional software development team working on tools to allow you to grab streaming movies, clips, and other content in HD quality from popular video services.

Browser-like interface of our application allows you to connect to your paid accounts, search and grab movies and TV shows.

All you need is find a film and click on the Download button.

No need to attach external hardware or install special software or hardware.

myFilmDownload software is NOT a screen recorder.

To make such a cool application, we rely on the following technologies:

- The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). We use it for browser-like interface. For play DRM protected video on web page. And for load keys from DRM license server.

- x264 library. We use it for decode protected video and audio streams. And for encode and Mux unprotected streams.

- Microsoft .NET Framework. We use it to create a user-friendly multilingual interface.

- Code Signing Certificate. We use a digital certificate from GlobalSign to digitally sign our files.

Use cases

When to use myFilmDownload software.

1. If your internet connection is so slow that HD video from streaming services freezing. The software will resume the after restoring internet connection.

2. You are not sure whether you continue subscription after years. Or whether the video service will remove your favorite movie or cartoon from its library.

3. You want to watch your favorite show while on a plane trip or a road trip where internet is slow or unavailable.

4. You need to watch video on old devices without Smart TV.

5. You just want to have your private library with your favorite films and cartoons.

6. Finally, films are part of the culture, hence it should be available for everyone. Artists get paid for their job, and you already paid for their job.

7. If you are traveling or live in countries where Disney or HBO Max is not available. Annoying of this message "This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location". Then you need a Private VPN. Use this link to buy one.

In any case you should know that sharing downloaded films are illegal.

In Nov'20 Amazon has patented a new anti-piracy technology that can track streaming pirates who record and upload copyrighted content. They call it “encoding identifiers into customized manifest data”. This technology creates a kind of “watermark” in the video stream, which could help to identify the subscriber.

We care about your privacy

We don't collect your private data. It doesn't make sense to collect your logins, emails, and other private data.

Do not forget to periodically change the password for video services, anyway.

To identify you in our license server we just send the hash number of your email and computer id.

We don't use license keys or passwords. Hash of your email is enough for us to identify you.

myFilmDownload products are not freeware. The most of the freeware is actually malware.

myFilmDownload products doesn't contain malware. Installation file is digitally signed.


You pay for you privacy. We value our reputation because we see a great opportunity of My Film Download project.


All our products has user-frendly interface. You can browse, play and download video in one application.

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