Download movies and TV shows from Netflix

How to Download video from Netflix

First Download and install the new version of myFilmDownload application on your Windows PC for free

Second Start myNetflix program and find video in browser-like interface.

Third Wait until Download button appears and click on it. Download starts!

Finally When download completes you may watch mp4 file on any device without Netflix subscription.

More detiled guidance can be found in our blog post.

About myNetflix

Browser-like multilingual interface of myNetflix downloader looks familiar to native Netflix app.

With myNetflix you can do the same and more — watch, search and download unencrypted video.

You may know the limitations of native Netflix app. You should have Windows 10 Version 1607 or later. You are limited in time, the downloaded video will expire in 2 days or so. And you are limited in count of downloaded titles.

myFilmDownload doesn't have such annoying limitations. You may download multiple videos simultaneously with multiple languages and subtitles.

If you have Netflix account you definitely find this application useful. Moreover, this application is free for SD quality. FullHD quality is avalable only for $13.99.

You may get premium features of myNetflix for free if you help us to promote. Click on Get Free on the top of the page.

We're still working on myNetflix, adding new features all the time. Our support team is waiting for your suggestions!

We are guaranty that myNetflix is 100% clean program — no viruses no plugins.

myNetflix screenshot

The most of our users came to us looking for Netflix downloaded and they were not disappointed! myNetflix met their expectations as a great software.

With myNetflix you will get access to download any Netflix movie or TV show. All files downloaded with myNetflix are fine with playing on any video player

For correct working without glitches you need to install Microsoft .Net Framework on your Windows laptop.

Free version of myNetflix only work with SD quality and audio up to 120kbps. To get FullHD video you need only $13.99 for one-year subscription. Or buy lifetime license.

When to use

You have an active account on Netflix.

You want to travel where internet is slow or unavailable.

You need to watch video on old TV-sets not connected to internet.

You want to have your private video library.

Is it Legal to Use myNetflix

Yes, absolutely.

But downloaded material is protected by copyright. This means that only Netflix has exclusive right to distribute films.

Using this software is legal for personal use. You shouldn't share downloaded material.

There are anti-piracy technologies that can add watermarks to videos. These watermarks will be recorded on the unencrypted video, making it easy identify the customer whose account was used to access the video.

We don't know does Netflix use such kind of technology for now.

Compare with Others

Netflix is the most popular OTT media service. It is also the most common in the world. 200 million subscribers from 190 countries speak for themselves.

Netflix has the best original content, and greatest overall library of movies.

Netflix streams Full HD content for most of the films. While Hulu and Disney are limited to 720p.

The biggest competitive is probably Amazon with 150 millions subscribers with a growing numbers.