Download movies and cartoons from HULU video service

How to Download video from HULU

First Download the new version of myFilmDownload application and install on your Windows laptop for free.

Second Start myHulu program, login on Hulu and navigate movie or cartoon in browser-like interface.

Third Wait until Download button appears and click on it. Download starts!

Finally Video mp4 file will be created after unencryption process ends. From this you may play video on any device without Hulu subscription.

About myHulu

If you have already opened the Hulu web page in web browser, then the myHulu interface will seem familiar to you.

With myHulu you can do the same you do in Hulu portal and more — watch, search and download unencrypted movies and cartoons.

For now HULU doesn't provide application for PC. Therefore, myHulu can occupy this free niche.

With myHulu you can download multiple videos simultaneously with multiple languages and subtitles.

This application is free for SD quality. For premium users FullHD quality is avalable only for $13.99.

myHulu has an option to let you get free premium features. Click on Get Free on the top of the page for information.

We're continue adding new features for myHulu. All you suggestions and feedback are welcomed. Click on support button at the top of the page.

myHulu has no viruses no plugins no ads. We don't send your email and other private data.

myHulu screenshot

All users of myHulu refer it as a must-have software that is very handy to work with. Users of myHulu located all around the world in US, Europe, Brazil, India... The parsing process is very fast. All downloaded files are correct. Any player is able to play downloaded mp4 files. You can check this with Mediainfo tools. The interface is simple and intuitive.

With our wonderful application, you can download and watch videos offline on any device without spending internet traffic.

myHulu works on any Windows PC with .net Framework installed.

You can use it for free. If you want to get premium features you need to buy one-year subscription only for $13.99. Lifetime license also available.

When to use

You have an active account on Hulu.

You going to travel with your laptop with Hulu videos.

Want to watch cartoons on old TV-sets.

Finally you collect private library with cartoons and movies.

Is it Legal to Use myHulu

Yes, absolutely.

But downloaded material is protected by copyright. This means that only Disney has exclusive right to distribute films.

We respect the copyright terms, but we consider annoyable any limitations of purchased video content.

We'd like to stress that downloaded material should only be played on your private laptop only.

Using this software is legal for personal use. You shouldn't share downloaded material with anyone else.

Compare with Others

Hulu has around of 100 million subscribers around the world. That makes Hulu one of the biggest streaming service in the world.

Original content with a greatest library is the secret of the popularity.

But it has one disadvantage video quality limition in web browser is HD 720p. We have to admit that FullHD video from Hulu is not available for now.

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