What are the process and payment methods.

The payment process is controlled by The Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform©. After completing your order, you will receive an email with a link to cancel auto-renewal. Follow this link to see supported methods: Which payment methods do you support?
Paddle Buyer Terms and Conditions: Paddle Buyer Terms and Conditions
Refund policy: myFilmDownload Refund Policy

NoKey error when downloading movies from Amazon and HBO Max.

OTT providers are making more efforts to protect FullHD content. When downloading Full HD content, CDM module checks the HDCP status. If CDM failed to check the quality of the connection with the monitor, or if HDMI connection doesn't comply with HDCP, then the decryption process will stop. Therefore, when downloading FullHD content please do not turn off the monitor.

Why software can't download 1080p on Disney+ and Hulu?

OTT-Providers are making more efforts to protect FullHD content. Some movies are encoded with stronger protection that prevents FullHD content from being watched in the browser. They protect video with L1 level which can only be decoded in TV-sets or top-boxes. Such films cannot be decoded and downloaded in FullHD by the software.

I want to run software on another PC.

One premium license is linked to one PC. To unlink license from PC you need to send email to with the following subject line in English: bot, move license.
The bot will respond within 5 minutes. With this command you can transfer the license to another PC or even share it with your friend! But you can only do this once a day.

Why the software can't download video directly without encoding?

Videos from Netflix and other providers are encrypted with widevine DRM and encoded with x264 or x265. The tool decrypts video with the same way as Chrome does with DecryptAndDecode method of widevine library. After this we got unencrypted unencoded video frames. That's why we need to encode them back. The encoding process takes a lot of CPU time, which is why it takes so long.

The program captures or downloads?

Definitely, the My Film Download project is a downloader, not an capturer.
We have implemented a complex algorithm for requesting license keys from OTT providers. The algorithm does the decryption of the video stream in the same way as the Chrome browser does. You can see in application log file how we process the download.