myNetflix application.

10 Apr 2021 myNetflix screenshot

When you start to collect your own private library of movies you may found that native Netflix App is not suitable for this. It has lots of annoying limitations. You should have Windows 10 Version 1607 or later. Downloaded video will expire in 2 days or so. Video will disappear after your subscription ends. And, finally, you are limited in count of downloaded titles.

For now Netflix original library contains around 15000 titles available around the world. The easest way to find and download the best title for your private collection is myNetflix.

myNetflix is based on the most advanced downloading technologies like Chromium project from Google team. So, Netflix streams content the same way like with native Chrome.

Now it's time to know how to use it. First of all please download and install setup of myFilmDownload on your Windows PC.

Get Setup

Installation process is quite simple and intuitive. All you need is launch downloaded exe-file and click on Next.

Great. Now find the recently installed app named myNetflix in Windows Start menu.

newery installed application

When you first run application you need to sign in to your Netflix account by clicking on Sign In button and entering your email/password from Netflix.

Netflis signin

Well, now you can search a movie or TV series episode. After you navigate the title, it will take a few seconds for the app to parse the title of the video. After this in the header of the application, you will see the title of the movie and the "Download..." button.

Title parsed

As you can see, you can choose the video and audio quality, subtitles and series if you want to download the season partially.

Click "Download" and wait a little while the download and decryption process is complete. When you will see 100% on the head of application it means that your mp4 file is ready to play.

While downloading a title you may navigate another one and start downloading multiple titles in parallel. On the top of application click on History to see all your titles progress.

Title parsed

Quite simple and intuitive. Moreover, the app is free, but if you want HD and Full HD, you need to buy a license for only $ 13.99. Enjoy your video!