New release 1.3.49

New release 1.3.53

14 Jun 2021

fix: Application stability.

New release 1.3.49

New release 1.3.51

13 Jun 2021

new: HBO Go. We are testing HBO Go in Asia region. If you can test it in other regions - Spain, Nordic Europe send us feedback:

fix: Possible crash when multiple video download.

New release 1.3.49

New release 1.3.49

10 Jun 2021

new: HBO Go beta version. We are testing HBO Go in Asia region. Not sure how it works in the rest of the world. Please send feedback to

New release 1.2.46 screenshot

New release 1.2.46

6 Jun 2021

fix: copy email to all configs;

fix: Netflix parser is more stable;

new: HBO Go alpha version.

New release 1.2.26 screenshot

New release 1.2.26

20 Apr 2021

The myFilmDownload team is proud to present a new release with bug fixes and new features. Auto-update now works great if you set checkbox in Settings. Also file size estimation is shown right next to the Download button.

myNetflix download video

The best way to download video from Netflix for offline viewing on any device.

10 Apr 2021

Follow the guide to learn the best way to download Netflix videos as mp4 file, so that you can play video on any device offline.

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blogpost about myfilmdownload

First blog about us!

1 Apr 2021

We have first blog about us! We really appreciate our users who spent a little time to write a post or article about myFilmDownload products. Take a look how to get free license.